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you can stop sending links

This site is now, pretty much a history site

Antijen was the only place that young TS's could go to in the 1990's and early 2000's

Then people started stepping up and creating their own sites, and better resources

And parents started to accept

so there was no need for Antijen anymore because other people had more time and did it better.

I just keep the site only so you could see that at one time your elders (not me, i'm a grand elder I guess) went through a lot to be who they are.

I know it's cliche, but you have it soo much better because of their struggles

Go to archive.org to see the various pages through te years, and laugh at my old fasioned design style with snow, and mouse trails on the page if you want



Children & Teens Trapped in the Wrong Bodies
Read more:


A lot has been done with the "It Gets better" project

From their site, this is the best description
While many of these teens couldn’t see a positive future for themselves, we can.

The It Gets Better Project was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years.

The It Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone — and it WILL get better.

Go there, and see people just like you


New Site for you to visit
It proves some parents really get it


The Trevor Project operates the only nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. If you or a friend are feeling lost or alone call The Trevor Helpline. There is hope, there is help.


New Documentaries making the rounds

She's a boy I knew
They say that when someone comes out of the closet, they can't stop talking about it. Vancouver filmmaker Gwen Haworth not only talked... she made a movie.


"T" is a ten-part, slice-of-life documentary series that uses the mythic landscape of New York City to explore the lives of twelve male to female transsexual women as they uniquely and personally define what it means to be "T".


Trans Youth Family Advocates

TransYouth Family Advocates (TYFA) are parents, family, friends and caring adults dedicated to educating and raising public awareness about the medical and cultural challenges faced by children with gender variant and gender questioning identities and the families who love them.

Whenever children are able to express or articulate their gender identity, however young, they have the right to a caring atmosphere supporting that identity.

They have a PDF brouchure that I uploaded

This info was sent to me by Evelyn, the author of
Mom I need to be a girl so you KNOW it can be trusted


This is a plea to all resource pages
If you are thinking of leaving the net, and want someone to hold your info
please contact me, I'll host the pages for you

Please do not let your info die


Transsexualism: An Unacknowledged Endpoint of Developmental Endocrine Disruption?
By Christine Johnson

If you want to download the PDF of the entire Thesis
click here

Are you the way you are due to the effect of endocrine disrupting chemicals cause by man polluting the land?

It's a long paper, but you can read and discuss it on
the TransAdvocate site


Here's another site for you
A Transsexual Support site run by one of my girls

It is a safe space that is monitored for inappropriate activity
It has a chat room, personal stories and other resources for the young transsexual


If you Speak Spanish as a first language and have resources to share, please contact
Lynn Conway or Andrea James.
They are very interested in compiling resources for the Spanish community


Lynn Conway is now hosting a page of
Successful Women with a Ts background

Go and learn from these women to never let anything stop you from your dreams!  Special Spotlight section from Lynn.

For young TS's of African heritage:
Kimberli's Story

Also from Lynn's pages
a NEW section just for FTMs

And for those of you who Spanish is a first language
Lynn's Page in Spanish


Please do not forget to check out Andrea James resource pages for young TSs


Many people would like a copy of Just Evelyn's book about her daughter called Mom, I Need to be a Girl, but it is out of print.

I received permission from Evelyn to mirror her book on my site.

Lynn Conway also has a version of it on her site in
English and French

There is a Spanish translation in progress on
.Mam?, necesito ser una ch?ca.

I know a lot of you love Mulan
and I got this link from Cammie's song.
Because it seems the perfect song for you


These words were said to one of my young ladies,by her Grandmother. This grandmother had just recently died.In wishing her love, please read these words, and the truth in them.

No matter what anyone else thinks,you are your own person. They can, and probably will, try to force you into their own image, they will push down on you, with all their considerable power. The stronger you are, the less you will buckle. And if you fall, you can still get stronger and pull yourself back up.

You are yourself,
and be damned those that say you aren't.  
Be yourself, and be the best you can be!


Don't forget our F.A.Q. for parents  Living with your Pre-Op Child


Because we all need a job

Are you browsing this page, and have the ability to give someone a job?
Then please go here and post it

We need jobs too


Its Finally Here!

Venus Envy #1
Alex or Zoe:
From A to Z

Your favorite Online comic, now available in Dead-Tree format, perfect for long trips, bathroom excursions, school, ballroom dancing, dinner parties, cult ceremonies, the operating theater, Minnesota, and anywhere else where a desktop computer is simply inconvenient.

Venus Envy #1 is 32 pages (plus the extra two interior pages thanks to the cover) of, er... something, uh... impressive and enjoyable... yeah:

-Some of your favorite classic strips, finally available in hardcopy!
-Rants from the artist, in a sleep-deprived state!
-An advice column written by everyone's favorite evil mutant spider clone!
-How-to Tips for your own webcomic!
-Exclamation Points galore!!!!!

And Featuring part one of Venus Envy: Zero Hour, a brand new miniseries only available in the comic book (well, mostly unavailable; here's a sneak peak). Find out just what Zoe's life was like before Salem and why her family had to leave their hometown of Punxetawney.
So, rush and order your copy Online today!

Tell Erin you saw her book on the Antijen pages


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