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Transgender kids: How young is too young for a sex change?
Erin Carlyle delves into the often blustery worlds of transgender youth
By Erin Carlyle
published: March 04, 2009

Walter Bockting, president-elect of the World Professional Association for Transgender HealthON HER THIRD birthday, Sarah Barnett tore open a package from her grandmother that would delight most girls her age. Gently folded on a pillow of tissue paper lay a frilly, ruffled dress. Sarah looked up at her mother, Kathy, perplexed.

"Mom, why did Grandma give me a dress?" she asked.

If the article vanishes, I saved a copy here



Lonely road: Why school is hell for transgender pupils

When 'Lauren' decided she wanted to be recognised as a girl, life at school became a nightmare. Should teachers be doing more for transgender pupils?


Right to Sex Change Upheld

A judge has ruled that the city's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) made "misdirected and unsubstantiated claims" that gender-reassignment surgery "is controversial, risky, and experimental" when it refused to provide such procedures for a male-to-female transsexual in its custody.


An article from Lesbian and Gay New York on Gender Identity in Youth

An Attack On Our Most Vulnerable : the Use and abuse of Gender Identity Disorder

Now, there is a growing chorus among some gay, Transgender, and youth groups to either reform the GID diagnosis or eliminate it altogether from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or the DSM, the official list of disorders published by the 38,000-member American Psychiatric Association.


The Feasibility of Endocrine Interventions in Juvenile Transsexuals

A large number of adult transsexuals recall that their gender dysphoria started early in life, well before puberty. They remember puberty with abhorrence, since the hormones of puberty precisely induced the body characteristics they perceived as improper in relation to their gender identity. The latter often reinforced their determination to rid themselves from the primary and secondary sex characteristics.


Six Kathoeys in Pattaya, 2000 Young Ts's in the East

The British men's magazine FHM did a topless beach photoshoot of six Thai kathoey dancers from one of Pattaya's cabaret clubs for their September 2000 issue. Most of the text was sexist innuendo and smut, but some of the information in the short personal interviews is worth recording.


If You Bend Gender Far Enough, Does It Break?

When Daphne Scholinski was fourteen years old, her distraught parents had her committed to a psychiatric institute in Chicago. She had become unmanageable, they said......


Voices - Identity Crisis; Duncan Osborne

OUT magazine (Los Angeles, USA), April edition, 2003
While psychiatrists and psychologists debate gender identity disorder, Duncan Osborne finds support for this diagnosis from a surprising group - young transsexuals.


About a Boy Who Isn't   


A story about a young FTM from the NY Times


A Review of .Is Transsexualism Really Independent of Sexual Orientation?.

a Public Lecture From the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic
An Article on this lecture from one of our own list members.


Feminine Boy forced out of Private Georgia School
by Dan Sewell

30 October 1998 The Story of Alex McLendon and the Georgia School System


Schoolboy pursues sex change

by Amanda Watt

A BRISBANE boy is determined to become the first Australian school student to go through a sex change. The Year 11 teenager has finally admitted to himself and his family that he wants to become a woman.


McKinley lets male-born student graduate in dress

State attorneys help convince the principal in a case of gender ID
By Treena Shapiro

Keala Chow was born a boy, but on Sunday walked with the girls during the McKinley High School graduation, covering up a "very seductive" dress with a graduation gown.


Teen transsexuals

When do children have a right to decide their gender?
by Maria Russo
Associate editor of Salon Books

Ina's story may be unusual but it's no longer guaranteed to shock. During an isolated childhood in rural Oklahoma, Ina knew she was a girl from her early years, even though her body seemed to be a boy's. "It was always clear to me that this boy identity and body were incorrect." She remembers a childhood spent "tending to my inner awareness of myself and avoiding other people a lot of the time."

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Fort Worth transgender teen trying to put life back together

By Ben Briscoe of Dallas Voice
It’s been just more than a year since local transgender teen Rochelle Evans made headlines by fighting her school district for the right to be called “she” and to be herself


'It's me in a different way'

By Jeff Kass, Rocky Mountain News

On the first day of eighth grade, Melaina Marquez wore a polo shirt, wedge shoes and denim skirt with ruffles.

The year before, that outfit would have been out of the question. At that point, Melaina was a boy known as Manuel.


Sex Reassignment of Adolescent Transsexuals: A Follow-up Study

Objective: To investigate postoperative functioning of the first 22 consecutive adolescent transsexual patients of our gender clinic who underwent sex reassignment surgery.


Sammy: Gender Identity Concerns in a 6-Year-Old Boy  

Sammy, a 6-year-old new patient, came to his pediatrician for a health supervision visit.... Sammy's mother said that she was concerned about his tendency "to do things like a girl."...


Seeking a Gendered Adolescence: Legal and Ethical Problems of Puberty Suppression among Adolescents with Gender Dysphoria

Changes in attitudes have encouraged increasing numbers of young people to identify as gender-dysphoric.1 In order to reduce the distress caused by the onset of puberty, young people with gender-dysphoria are increasingly seeking pubertal-suppression therapy. Health care professionals must then confront a variety of clinical, ethical and legal issues.


Marie Claire real lives: Young Ts's in the UK

Imagine living your life feeling trapped in a man's body, unable to dress, behave or be treated as the person you feel you are. Chris Morris hears the inspirational stories of three male-to-female transsexuals.


A Mother takes on the Ayatollah

The battle for Iran's Muslim soul could go on for years, and may depend on the cumulative importance of modest figures like Mahin Yusefi, 51, a slender, soft-spoken woman who went from being a retiring, fairly conservative professional in Iran to a Transgender rights activist in the United States.


An article on a young FTM from Amber Magazine in the UK

22-year-old Nick, formerly Lianne, is halfway through a sex-change procedure and, because of more flexible laws in the rest of Europe, will soon be able to live life as a man


Straddling Sexes

Young lesbians transitioning into men are shaking the foundation of the lesbian-feminist world


Her Own Woman

By Aree Chaisatien and Thaweechai Jaowattana

Does your body belong to you? For transsexual and renowned makeup artist Pansit Sukarom, aka Pok, it definitely did not. She experienced excruciating pain before the happy realization that her body belonged to her - and not to society.


"Roberta Close"

At one time (and perhaps still) the most famous trans woman of the Latin world, the facts of the life of Roberta Close have been embroidered extensively by scandal-sheets, and perhaps publicists. Many of the stories were clearly total inventions, but still eagerly consumed.


Gay high school eyes level field


Harvey Milk wants to establish sports teams in PSAL by next year


Male to female/Female to male

A year ago, few students on local campuses would say they were much aware of the fact that there were transsexuals among them. However, during the last academic year the issue suddenly came to the fore at several colleges.


More than Meets the Eye (Lady Boys in Thailand)

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