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Becca's Poetry


Becca from Scotland send this to me

Hi all,

I have been feeling quite down this week. Ususlly when I'm down it helps me to
write poetry. I wanted to share these poems with you.

Kill The Lie

When every day you've got to hide,
The girl that you are inside,
It feels like your world is shattering,
And no-one knows who you are.

You put on the act every day,
Being like the man they think you are,
Oh how you feel like such a fake,
I just want to scream "I'm a woman".

People just dont understand,
What it's like for a girl like me,
Trapped within the body of a man,
Where escape is not easy.

I will get the freedom I need,
To no longer live this lie,
I need to come up with a plan,
I'm going to be the woman I am.

Every day my spirit dies,
I get so low when I hear,
simple things like "Thank you sir",
Or being refered to as "him" not "her".

But I know just what I must do,
And I've got one foot on the road,
I'm not the world's most patient girl,
But all things come to those who wait.

Other Girls

When I look at other girls,
I often feel like crying,
Why was I made like a man,
Why must I wait,
To become the woman I am,
Like the women they always were.

I'll never know the reason,
Why I was made like a man,
I only know the challenge,
That I must face,
To become the woman I am,
Like the women they always were.

Sometimes it really gets me down,
To see others, born as girls,
Who take it for granted,
Who'll never know how hard,
That simple life can be,
For a girl born like me.

Take Care,

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