C R O N E - The International Hormones List at Yahoogroups

C R O N E Portal is the place for those wishing to join the 500+ member C R O N E hormones list to apply for an invitation.

C R O N E is an international list for information about proper uses of female hormones and related products. Originally at Onelist, it has been at Yahoogroups since 1998. A searchable archive of over 12,500 postings is available to members, along with many collected files and selected links. The title infers accumulated wisdom rather than age.

The list is designed for, and membership is limited to, those who are currently, or will in the near future be benefitting from female hormone therapy, and selected prescribers and researchers seeking to keep abreast of developments in the field.

C R O N E is a list where the moderators keep the discussion on-topic. Those needing support in other aspects of their lives should have access to that elsewhere. But discussion on anything related to hormone therapy can take place in a safe, helpful, well-informed and "low noise" environment.

The pharmaceutical companies and their products, the research, the learned journals and professional conferences are all international. The chemical substances, and the responses and needs of the human body have no regard for national or continental borders. To limit the search for knowledge to one country is to create a dangerous vulnerability to the effects of the historical prejudices, the commercial interests, the myths, the unquestioned traditions that too often flourish. Members of C R O N E have found that discussion in an international forum is the most effective way to avoid those dangers.

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The British Medical Journal says peer-to-peer internet medical resources have a positive value that has been missed, or misrepresented. It has published several pieces of research demonstrating how such resources as C R O N E are valuable. Editorial: The first generation of e-patients - These new medical colleagues could provide sustainable healthcare solutions