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Feb 2010

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Transgender issue draws controversy

By Renee Ordway
Special to the NEWS

On Monday the Maine Human Rights Commission may advise schools to allow transgender students to dress, play sports and choose bathrooms based on the gender they consider themselves to be, rather than the gender they were physically born.


Fledgling transgender student group
Founder hopes to create a safe place for students

By Joe Hannan

"I want to let people know there will be a safe place on campus that they can go to, that they are experiencing the same problems, and we can come together and help each other," sophomore Amaya Taina said with regard to the transgender community at PSU.

Taina, a Student Senator for the Associated Students of Portland State University, is soon to become the official representative for gay, lesbian, bi, transgender and queer  students, and she hopes to begin an on-campus transgender student group.


New gender-neutral housing petition

A new petition is making the rounds to drum up support for gender-neutral housing.

"The policy seeks to create more options in the room selection process so that ALL students are able to find a compatible roommate, and would ease tensions felt by gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer students who struggle to find safe and comfortable living spaces under the current housing requirements," the introduction to the petition - titled "I Support Gender-Neutral Housing at Columbia" - reads.

Last Thursday, Dean of Student Affairs Kevin Shollenberger and Dean of Community Development and Multicultural Affairs
Theresa Martinez said that gender-neutral housing - which would allow for mixed-gender doubles - will not be available for the upcoming year


From The Circle: The Student newspaper of Marist College
Men, women, others welcome
Rachael Shockey

On how long it will take for Marist to join the 282 schools on the transgender-savvy list, history professor Robyn Rosen said that, "in terms of gender roles and norms, our culture has generally been moving in the direction of liberalization for the past several decades. That said, however, each college and university appeals to different kinds of people. My guess is that Marist would rather be known for being cutting edge in terms of technology than being cutting edge in terms of gender-neutral accommodations on campus."


'Czar' sees transgender school goals in reach
Organization founded by Jennings behind Maine plan

President Obama's 'safe schools' czar, Kevin Jennings, sees his transgender plans for public and private schools within reach in a move developing in the state of Maine.

A hearing is scheduled next week on a proposal before the Maine Human Rights Commission to make allowances statewide for 'transgender' students. An organization founded by Jennings is behind the effort, according to a new report.

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