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Op Diary

I apologise beforehand for my use of colourful language :)


I got into hospital. After waiting for a couple of minutes I was shown up to my room. I settled in, with a few words to my parents. The nurse came in and got some coffee for my parents. My parents went to the day room whilst I had a chat with the nurse, mostly about my piercings. She left and I took the Picolax and all the water. I'm on a fluids only diet now. My parents came back in and I wished them good bye - they'd clearly been crying :( I was this -><- far from crying myself and my head was fizzing away. I then settled down waiting for the Picolax to kick in. The lack of channels on the TV was a bit disappointing. A man came in and took a blood sample, and the nurses changed shift.

It would appear I don't respond to Picolax very well. After about 5 hours with only negligible output it was decided that I would receive a microenema. This worked, but burnt. Had my last "meal" of cranberry juice - I get some water tomorrow. Sky 1 is better than earlier - Pokemon, StarTrek, Buffy, Simpsons, SG1.

The anaethetist came in and chatted to me. Apparently I don't need to remove my piercings.

Got my minihep jab - not as bad as my prostap. Other than the occasional dive to the loo, I'm free to watch sci fi.

This is getting annoying - I can't stop shitting water.


Last thing last night I took another Picolax before going to sleep. I was very tired, so I couldn't watch the filmic feast put on by C4. Really, the timing was amazing - 2 tranny films on my first night there.

I woke up, and, unsurprisingly, needed the loo. More water output. I'm not entirely sure why, but I woke up at about 6:30 after a *very* restful night.

I would advise against eating sweetcorn before going into hospital.

Mr Thomas came to see me and I signed the consent form. The nurse asked me to remove my piercings, but after a quick check I didn't need to. After that I had a bath and hair removal session and then settled in to watch telly.

Breakfast consisted of a consomme and some jelly.

9AM - nil by mouth

There is a van outside from an NHS trust. It appears to have a couple of cuddly apes strapped into the passenger seat. They are wearing sunglasses. The door to the south is ajar. There is a television here.
>watch telly

The nurse came in and put me in the stockings, gown and knickers, and then propped me up in my bed. She then gave me my premed.

T-20 minutes
T-10 minutes
T-5 minutes - I'm feeling really quite sleepy

I fell asleep. At 3:20 they took me through and conked me out. In my referential frame I awoke immediately. Nurses came in through out the night to take measurements and give antibiotics. At times I was in agony and needed painkillers, so they had to inject me with morphine. Christ, that was painful.

The pain is odd - a mix of bladder pressure, muscle pain, phantom testes and back pain. I'm kept on a saline/dextrose IV drip.


Mr Thomas came to see me, said everything went OK. Mum rang to check how I was and said they'd be round later. I then had a breakfast of sorbet, jelly and cranberry. Molanie sent me a cuddly polar bear. I feel rather sleepy.

Got to have a wash and a change of stockings. I also changed from the gown into my nightie. More painkillers and antibiotics.

Physiotherapist came and taught me some exercises.

My parents came round and seemed really cool. The pain was getting quite bad so they gave me morphine and rolled me on my side.

RR popped in for a minute to check I was OK. He might come back later. (He didn't)

Rolled onto my back. I appear to be leaking a bit.

Erk - I was bleeding quite a bit. I went rather hysterical, but after redressing everything was OK. They got Mr Thomas in to help them do it. I was in such indescribable pain while they did it.


Woke up this morning in much less pain. Had the drains removed. Now only the holes left hurt. I'm much more mobile and my stamina seems good. I'm passing huge amounts of urine. My parents popped in and seemed really good. They dropped off flowers, cards, and clothing. Kimzoe came to visit me and it was nice to talk to them.


The catheter is annoying, as is the pressure of the pack. I need the pain killers to mask the presure, not the pain. Mr Thomas came in - pack out Sunday evening, catheter out Monday. I can't wait.

I'm *really* bored. Thankfully I get some visitors today and tomorrow. Anything to preoccupy me until the pack comes out.

Sky went wrong, so I started reading my books.

Jenny arrived for her op today, so she popped in and out throughout the day. Melanie and Molly came in for the afternoon, as did Alice. It was really nice to have people over - took my mind off everything. I hope people come tomorrow.

Sky was upgraded to digital, but all the channel mappings are wrong. I suspect I'm stuck with terrestrial for the rest of my stay.


Mr Thomas came in and verified the pack would be out 6PM Sunday.

I vegged about throughout the morning, and then Lauren came over for a truly epic visit. She bought loads of pressies - she's such a sweetie! (and cute with it ;) I then spent a few hours being phoned.


Not much during the day. At 8:30PM the pack came out. It fucking hurt. If I thought the redressing was bad, this was utter hell. My mind was overloaded with pain. I think a lot of the pain was due to my response to being touched - muscles contracting, etc. I was shaking for quite some time later. About half an hour later I had a bath. With it being so numb I was very reticent to touch it. Being able to see it makes it seem a lot more real than before. I then had my first dilate. A bit irritating rather than painful. I got a really nice sleep because I could lay on my front.


Woke up had a bath and got rid of a lot of scabby bits, a douche, which released no green goo or anything, and a dilate with the small dilator. I had trouble getting it in, so the nurse had to insert a lubricated gloved finger. "Does that hurt?" "Er, no, it doesn't hurt..." I appear to not have quite so many numb bits as I was expecting. I must say that a catheter is one of the cruelest torture devices in existence. It makes me feel as if I'm going to explode any second 24/7. The magic number 23 is appearing too much, as has 42. I think I'll take a look into Discordianism when I get home. Had a chat with Lauren, which was cool. She phoned me - she was off for the morning.

Tried to empty my bowels earlier, and urinated around the edge of the catheter. It's since become even more uncomfortable and painful.

I suppose I should go through the dilation procedure here atm: bath, douche, dilate with just lube (apparently betadine gel is needed only when not douching before hand), put on antiseptic cream along suture lines.

I actually spent some time studying it today. The result looks quite good already. Presumably this means it'll be very pretty once it's healed. It *will* be funnily coloured, but then I did have an odd colouration to begin with. Ditto with regard to hairs. Sensations of a sort appear to be starting all over - by no means am I becoming sensate again - It's hard to describe. I appear to have somewhere between 4" and 5" depth. Hopefully I'll stretch, even if I'm not too keen on men (and I mean men).

People say the food here is really good. I would say it's posh and well prepared, but I think my palette is too primitive. Can't wait until I can get some simplistic and tasty food, a la Molanie.

Omigod that's funny: using "interest in Greek culture" in a personal ad as a shorthand for being gay.

Phone call a-go-go! One when I'm in the bath, one just before I dilate, one just before I supersize my dilation, and one before I cleaned up.

I notice something. I watch Sky and my diary entries are rather brief and concise. I start reading in its place and they become longer and more rambling.


Mr Thomas is keen! 6:40 he came to visit me! Oh well, catheter out RSN and home tomorrow. I can't wait to go to the loo properly.

That's better! All discomfort gone now that bastard thing's no longer in side of me.

Ew! Lots of bits of clot, etc. coming out in the bath.

Argh! That *hurt*! And I have no clue where it is!

I'm not sure if walking is hard. Hopefully I can go somewhere less hot interfrastically. Jenny's said her room isn't as hot.

Bloody hell, that's unfair! Jennys room is bigger, cooler, has a sofa and a video. It was nice to see her and have a chat. It's also been nice to walk about and wear some proper clothes. I didn't get too tired, which was cool. Dilating et al hasn't been too bad. It will be nice when the stitches start to sort themselves out.

A couple of friends from back home came over today. I must admit I'm surprised they came. They're a bit mundane, truth be told. Nice to chat with them tho.


I get to go home today! Yay! Packed away my stuff, and waited for dad to come. He arrived, and took my stuff downstairs, while I went and said bye to Jenny. Then off I disappeared home!

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