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Medical Links


Dr Becky Allison's Page

Dr Becky is one of my oldest online friends.

We were doing this stuff before there was an established trans internet
Her friends and family  special pages are one you should not miss


An Independently Owned Educational Resource Helping Transmen, Friends, Family and their Significant Others

FTM List of Doctors


WPATH - World Professional Association for Transgender Health

The vision of WPATH is to bring together diverse professionals dedicated to developing best practices and supportive policies worldwide that promote health, research, education, respect, dignity, and equality for transgender, transsexual, and gender-variant people in all cultural settings.


Dr Ann Lawrence's Page
I know a lot of you have problems with Dr Anne
But she was helping my kids back in the 90's before all her controverisal papers were published
For that I will forever be greatful.


The MTF Surgical Results Page
Ok this is a dead page,
but Archive.org (please donate) has some copies

Here is a link to that page
for some reason IE timed out, so use firefox

Here's another one from the early days of the internet
The Hormone FAQ
It is also gone but archived on Archive.org

This Hormone FAQ is still active
Hormone Therapy page suggested by Nikki


A lot of the pages are gone, or now hosted on sites that seek to promote themselves rather than the information.
Just go to any search engine, and search for:
mtf hormone therapy
ftm hormone therapy

I'm sorry, it seems everyone wants to be number one anymore.
I know antijen is part of the history of trans youth support, so I've stepped out of the race so to speak


Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Improves Vascular Function in Male to Female Transsexuals
Gishel New, MBBS, Katrina L. Timmins, BSc(Hons), Stephen J. Duffy, MBBS, Binh T. Tran, BSc(Hons), Richard C. O'Brien, MBBS, PhD, Richard W. Harper, MBBS, FACC, Ian T. Meredith, MBBS, PhD, FACC Melbourne, Australia

Objectives. This study sought to examine the effects of long-term estrogen therapy on vascular function in male to female transsexuals and to compare the findings with those observed in men and premenopausal women.


This is another page that is only on archive.org
I've added it because over the years, I have noticed a lot of trans people also suffer from Dissociative identity disorder
DID/MPD information page
Here is the wikipedia page on it


This page is needed because a lot of young trans people self harm in order to deal with the pain of their lives. And they need to know they are not the only ones, and they can get help

Cutting or Self Injury

The COGIATI, or COmbined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory is my attempt to fill a void which needs to be filled. There is a need for some sort of test which could be of assistance to the pre-operative, questioning person who is attempting to decide what they want to do about their gender issues. Most transsexuals are not early onset, sure-from-birth cases such as myself. The vast majority of the gender-dysphoric struggle for a long time trying to determine exactly what they really want.

Aside from a few attempts to provide very indefinite suggestions to the person struggling with the question of their own gender, no attempt has been made to create a serious multifaceted battery the sole purpose of which is to help the gender-dysphoric place themselves. The COGIATI is an attempt to accomplish this.


Welcome to Trans-Health, a volunteer-run website providing information on health and fitness for trans people.

The articles on Trans-Health are divided into thematic sections and subsections. For example, the section on hormones has subsections for Androgens and Estrogens. Our articles are assigned to the sections and subsections. You can browse all of a section's articles by clicking on the section's title in the navigation bar to the right. For your convenience, we might place an article in multiple sections if we think it will help people find what they are looking for.

Here's a link for those of you in Toronto that are looking for a decent place to get medical care.
Sherbourne Health Centre


Here is one for those of you in Australia

The Gender Centre is committed to developing and providing services and activities which enhance the ability of people with gender issues to make informed choices.

The Gender Centre is also committed to educating the public and providers about the needs of people with gender issues. We offer a wide range of services to people with gender issues, their partners, families and friends in New South Wales. We also act as an education, support, training and referral / resource Centre to other Organizations and Service Providers. We specifically aim to provide a high quality service which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect and confidentiality.


Here's a link for those of you in Philly looking for help
The Mazzoni Center

This place is a great help for a lot of people, trans or not trans


We need more Medical Links
Please help and
send me any links you have

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