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Aunty's rant
I am so sick and tired of rights for TS's being brought down to just the bathroom issue.

People there is more to rights for Transsexuals than going to the bathroom.
I'll tell you what
you stop killing us,
stop making us lose everything to be who we are,
stop firing us from jobs,
stop making us prove who we are just to move,
stop screaming at us for no reason,
stop hating us,
and I'll hold it until I can get home or to a handicapped bathroom (single stall).


Examples of people, or people writing about people, trying to make it only about the bathroom
(I will add more as they come in)

More Bathroom Hysteria From The Maryland Citizens For A Responsible Government

Viewpoint: Flyers left hanging on Kalamazoo doors cause confusion

Bathroom Salon

Posted by helenboyd on 03/22/10 12:38 AM

& Here’s some more (not) good news: a group called Mass Resistance took video of First Event, the annual trans party/conference that takes place up in Boston in January of every year. They cobbled together some footage (badly) in order to show very tall trans women & crossdressers using the ladies’ room at the Radisson where the event was held.



Webring sold the Antijen ring to someone on me
so there is no more antijen webring



This one is from one of my children who goes through cycles of gender crises
Transgender And Self-Concept


This page was by one of my girls
Transition on a budget: A guide for the 20-something trans-girl....


Todays Feature page is a bit of a biography and just a plea that you don't waste your life.
You Got a Chance Don't waste it


This page is called  
To Tell the Truth
I want this page to be a space where you can share your stories about what it is really like to transition young.


I got the idea for the following pages from group therapy.
Yes I go to therapy too. Remember there is no shame in going to therapy.
I'm adding these pages because I believe by only sharing info, will we ever change the world.

The first page is called "
What do you want?"
You started this journey with something in mind, share what it was, and how you either got it, or had to compromise and only get part or none of it.

The second new page is called  "
The Hidden Life"
A lot of people say that when they finally start to deal with their gender problems it's like coming out of hiding, allowing your true self to be shown to the world.
Can you share how this felt with you?
Did it change your life, for the better, for the worst?
I want it all, the good and bad, because people need to see this.

As with all my pages, I will remove your info, and only use your first name when i post your experience.

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