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Shaunna's Story

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Shaunna's story

Who am I, we are lost

Who am I, I often try to reason who I am and why I feel the way I do?
I wake up each and every morning, take off my night gown, and shower. Lotions and powder and I am feeling fresh. As I dress for the day, I slip into panties (I always have for the past 30 years, men’s underwear are so plain and uncomfortable), then I sit and decide whether I wear nylons or stockings with my socks. Silly as it sounds, I enjoy the feeling of being feminine
whether I am in a suit or casual dress pants. I am not out yet, so I need to be careful of exposing my desire to be the woman I see everyday. Shauna is such a beautiful woman, I want her to have the best I can offer her and also protect her from harm as well. I am her male self, my name is Shawn and I too am lost. Shauna is delicate and so precious, where I am strong and I will continue to watch our back. We are a team her and I, which I am so thankful for each and everyday. Shauna is my soul sister; we share the same body as we have since birth.

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