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Srs Experiences

Personal Experiences

Chloe's Srs Journal
So here's the deal. At the time of this posting I am a late 20-something pre-op transsexual who's preparing to see Dr. Toby Meltzer on March 31st for breast augmentation (silicone) and vaginoplasty. Since this is really uncommon and stuff, I'm writing this blog to share my experiences, and immediately after surgery, it'll be an unfiltered stream of consciousness straight from the hospital bed, thanks to the wonders of free WiFi and my laptop. My goal with this blog is to give others an idea of what the experience is like for someone in my demographic.

Also it'll be a case study of how well someone can type hopped up on painkillers.


Amanda's Srs Experience.
Her page has a lot of information for people from New South Wales

Shauna's Srs Experience
This young lady from Canada would like to share her experience

Lisa's Srs Experience
To use Lisa's own words "I did one, but it sucked"
go see it anyway :-)

Kate's Srs Diary
This is more of a general experience thing, it doesn't tell you a great deal about the specifics but more about how I felt. Incidentally, after the last entry I healed up very shortly after going to see my GP - it turned out I had an infection, and slapping some Fucidin cream on the area made me heal in a few days.

Beth's Srs Diary
Most of these diaries are written on a day by day basis, and I think as a result you do tend to miss out on the overall picture of what undergoing this surgery is like. I found it to be mostly painless, with usually a few minutes of activity every couple of days intersperced with many long hours of unpleasant discomfort.

Rob's Surgery Log
Double incision on Tuesday March 7th, 2006 with Dr. Brownstein - San Francisco, California, USA
Finally! The chest surgery experience of one FTM, our very own Uncle Rob. Rob had chest surgery in March 2006. Here you can read about his experience of the first few months. Also, feel free to come back and look for future updates.

Rapunzel's Srs Journal

Monday, January 31, 2005
T'was The Night Before Surgery

January 31, 2005
VGP Days to go: 1
Stress Level; Low Pre-op Day

It takes me a few days in the same hotel room with the same bed before I can sleep well, last night was no exception. I had my usual “strange bed and room” unrest for part of the night. I got up a 4:30 AM to make a bathroom stop. I got back in bed trying to catch some more zzzz’s with mixed results. Eventually, we got out of be at 7:11 AM. It’s time to get ready for my appointment at Dr. Meltzer’s office


Jessica Sideways Surgery

This page is not just about sex reassignment surgery (SRS), but rather SRS in Bangkok, Thailand and also touches on many topics that are involved with such a trip. It primarily focuses on details about having SRS with Dr. Pichet Rodchareon of Bangkok, Thailand but some of the things in this article might be relevant for your situation. I really do hope that this helps. Also, if you have posted a testimonial on your website from Dr. Pichet or another Thai doctor and want to exchange links, please feel free to let me know.

If you wish to share your journey on this page, please write to Aunt Jenny

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