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The Truth About Transition

Personal Experiences

I want this page to be a space where you can share your stories about what it is really like to transition young.

Good and Bad stories please. If you want to do it anon, either you or I can take the names off your story.

I guess I'm tired of hearing older people say to young ones, "It must be great to transition so young". When ALL I seem to hear is stories of frustration, pain and rejection. It's only the rare few that seem to have accepting loving transitions.

Most times, it takes a lot of hard work on the part of all family members to get to that good part of life.


Our Newest Link is an article  from metroweekly.com

The Naked Truth
J. Aiden Simon's transgender journey to manhood and happiness

  • Interview by Yusef Najafi email

  • Photography by Todd Franson email

  • Published on July 9, 2009


Our next page is really a Comment from Willow about the article on Young Ts's in Asia
Her's is a contrary viewpoint. You can read it Here


Now we have Jennifer's Story of Transtion at 19
You can read it Here


We also have Janelle's Story


If you want to add your story, please send me email

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