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A website dedicated to exploring the relationship between our environment and gender

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Transsexualism: An Unacknowledged Endpoint of Developmental Endocrine Disruption?  June 2004

In the last several decades, scientific research has shown that a large number of chemicals that are widely used in commerce can mimic, block, modulate, or otherwise interfere with hormones, signaling molecules of the endocrine system. 
Disruption of sex hormones can lead to changes in sexual development and later behavior, depending upon the chemical, the dose, and the timing of exposure.
Although little research is available directly linking transsexualism to exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals, a wide array of evidence indicates a relationship, including sexual developmental effects found in wildlife, corroborating animal laboratory studies, and to a more limited extent, human studies.
This website will explore the many linkages between our environment and the development and expression of gender identity. The intent is to be a resource for the transgendered community and the general public, providing a forum for independent thought and resources for further research.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to explore the relation between chemicals and gender through research, education, and outreach, advocating for reductions in the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals, and acting on behalf of the transgendered community for increases in trans-inclusive medical research, improvements in health care, and equal political rights.

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Last Update: November 9, 2004