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On this page we provide links to information that may be of use to those interested in further research materials.

Directory of Environmental Health Related Resources
Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)

The goal of is to provide useful information to people on limited budgets, who would not obtain this information otherwise. is to be used as a nonprofit research tool. There are presently over 4,100 files, and that number grows daily.

"The first-ever consumer alert on beauty products that contain dibutyl phthalate (DBP), a chemical coming under growing scientific scrutiny because of high levels found in reproductive age women and possible risks of birth defects."

"According to a recent study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), state officials are falling down on the job of enforcing basic environmental laws. In the 1980s many governors asked for environmental enforcement responsibility to be shifted from the federal government to the states, but a months-long computer investigation by EWG shows that rather than cleaning up the nation's air and water the states are passing on the most basic of enforcement activities - inspecting the worst known polluters."

The authors of Our Stolen Future discuss myths versus reality of endocrine disruptors

An extensive list of chemicals known or suspected to be endocrine disruptors. Also by the authors of Our Stolen Future.


An excellent primer on endocrine disruption written by the group
Physicians for Social Responsibility

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Read about what the government is willing to admit so far about the effects of endocrine disruptors. Briefly, they admit that they don't know many important facts about endocrine disruptors, yet somehow they saw fit to approve all these chemicals for mass production without any tests to answer all these unknowns. If you think the government has been busy protecting us from endocrine disruption, you may want to read about how little they actually know. 

"An educational service and an interactive forum where those interested in environmental estrogens and other environmental hormones can find accurate, timely information and can contribute to the ongoing public debate."

EPA Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program. Begun 1998.
Report to Congress (1999)

An extensive US Geological Survey (USGS) site on endocrine disruption, which provides ample evidence of the effects of endocrine disruptors upon wildlife.

An extensive set of links on Endocrine Disruption from the
Japanese National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS)

National Resources Defense Council - Endocrine Disruption:
An Overview and Resource List

Article published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association discussing Endocrine Disruptors and their effects

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