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TV Shows about TS's

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On this page we will link Television and Movies that have decent portrayals of young TS's

The first one we want to feature is
ER - Series 9, Episode 9 - Next of Kin

This show totally sent the American portion of the list into a sympathetic breakdown because they totally related to the child TS in the show.
This page has a lot of graphics, please be patient


I'm going to put this here for the time being.
We're going to start scanning in more out of print books so the information is not lost forever

Here is a link to a book that was made into a cheesey movie in the 70's
I Want What I want

It can be a sad read, so do not read it depressed


I have another out of print book for the site.
I want it know we are not doing this to make any money, but just to provide the community with access to books no longer in print.

This one is April Ashley's Odyssey

She is England's most famous transsexual

Her web site is http://www.aprilashley.com

It seems to be down right now

Here is a link to the April Ashley Store

All profits are given to April to help keep her website up and running
Please be warned, the link to the book on my site takes a long time to download

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