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From: Melanie  

I was singled out the moment I went to High School (This is the UK so I was 11).  

It was an all boys school and I was the object of derision and bullying from the start.  I was timid, quiet, not interested in sport, had good handwriting, bright but geeky.  I couldn't relate to anyone there and this was noticed by my peers.  I was kicked, punched, beaten, had school bags stolen and books damaged.

My only recourse was art club where I helped produce the school art magazine and war gaming club (This was the late 70s so computing in Britain hadn't really taken off).  I eventually got my hands on a TRS80 and would bury myself in techyness.

My parents moved and I went to a second High School where again I had trouble from some members of the class.  As the school was mixed this was because I spent too much time with the girls.

At 16 I 'graduated' from High School and went to 6th Form College (In the UK 6th form is for 17 [Lower 6th] and 18 [Upper 6th] year olds.  1st formers are 11 year olds) which again was mixed but freer and allowed me to be myself a bit more.  In fact during charity weeks I would attend dressed as a girl.



From: Kathy

I had my head kicked in, and stopped attending for 4 months. when i came back I retreated into my own head, and stopped listening to them. I started to bunk off school a lot, began isolating myself internally, and retreated into a world of novels, where I could vicariously lead a better life.

it's not a nice memory.


From: Allison
Subject: HighSchoolUK

I was bullied throught my time in school. From the day I started to the day I left.

They saw something different about me, which I managed to avoid noticing for years. Facing up to who and what you are was the hardest thing in my life, but making that change was the best thing I ever did. I too retreated into technology and fantasy, being over average IQ (which is common amongst TS people) helped there. At least I got some good exam results in the end, even if the school time itself was hell.



From: Rachel
Subject: HighSchoolUK

I attended an all boys Grammar School in Kent. For the first three years I was bullied by my peers but when I reached year 10 (I was 14) most of the people who had bullied me matured and I was able to find my own space.

I suppose that it was my bacground and inabillity to stick up for myself that led to the early bullying; it was when I was able to get my voice heard that I was shown the respect that I had craved. I was also my own person who never hung with a crowd and I suppose I was a bit of a loner when I felt like it.

I found that being an individual in the school system allowed me the freedom to break with my victim complex and exert a certain amount of control over life.

Being a teenage transsexual in a conservative environment was frustraing at times because no-one had any comprehension of how to broach the subject.

It was only when I went to collage that I was able to discover more about it and finally come out when I was 16. School for me was an experience that made me the person I am today.

I was never into popular culture, and I prefered to imerse myself in books. I loved writing poetry and I wrote nearly 300 poems in the space of 4 years.

My gender was never really an issue as I has discovered myself when I was about 12. I knew who and what I was and nothing that anyone could say too that away from me.

I found school to be bitter sweet because whilest I enjoyed alot of experiences (playing rugby, writng the American National Anthem in V Basic, and taking part in drama amongst others) it is tinged with the fact that being Rachel means most of the post school experience will be alien to my former collegues.


From: Humourking@aol.com
Subject: HighSchool

Just seen this website I had what I can only describe as an absolute crap school life here in the uk.
Up until secondary school everything was going great people I grew up with from an early age were friends we would end up doing most things together at school and of course afterwards.

The problems began when in secondary school I met a couple of new guys who unlike some others I knew were pretty quiet, clothing looked a bit shabby etc and they seemed to be pretty much outcast by most of the school I decided I would try and get to know them and my days of hell at school began I was told to either go with them or hang around with the so called in crowd, of course I decided to stay with the two i`d just started to get to know.

After this I was pretty much on my own people in my class would ignore me except for the one person who also sat with me at the same desk, i`d get stuff thrown at me, verbal abuse etc
girlfriends of the guys doing this were amused and decided to join in, during breaks we were pushed about and held down over on the playing fields a few times the girls would then sit on me usually a couple of them one holding the legs and the other sitting on my chest, if I tried to get them off guys would lash out so I just took what ever they dished out.

the problem was (now im embarrassed) the girl on my chest started to giggle and said i`ve just realised he`s looking at my knickers the dirty pig, the others just smirked then said if he wants to look at your knickers let him the girl behind whispered in the others ear and the next thing I know I find myself with my head under her skirt and told to smell her knickers, and I had no choice in the matter.

It was a matter of sniff her knickers or your going to be sniffing both our knickers which in the end I had to anyway. the other problem I had was to do with epilepsy as I suffered from this quite badly as a youngster you`d get people lashing out trying to make me have fits, at one stage I was off school for four months it got to the stage where I just didn`t want to go to school, the teachers didn`t really listen, somethings were to embarrassing and all I can say to this day is I hated school and will never change my mind.

so many things happened I could bore you all so i`l stop now.


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