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Vicky's Story

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From: ty
To: jenstar@antijen.org
Subject: My Story by Vicky

Ever since I was 6 years of age I felt more comfortable in girls dresses then my own clothes, I am now 17 I told my mom how I feel and she freaked out and I still felt alone. But I plan on someday day telling my friends but I think they would freak out as well I have told my best friend and she took it very well, but any of my other friends will not accept me for who I am,

I act like a guy except to my best friend to whom I'm Vicky, but to anyone else I'm Tyrel. I live in a super small town of about 3000 people in a middle of no where town of New Mexico, USA. It has come back on and off but every time it comes back even stronger then the last, and the only way I think I will feel right is having a sex change.

I find it hard not to brake down in school and just start crying because I hear bad things like people think my mind is twisted but they have no idea who I really am, and anyone who feels the same in their school don't feel alone, even tho it may seem like it, but your never alone I have found many support groups on the internet to myself and now I know that I'm not alone in my life and my thoughts in my life and who I am is Vicky.

For the longest time I would lie to myself with lines like "its just a phase" or "who wants the pain for themselves who am I" it was not till a few days ago I came out to the first person and she was freaked out and I found myself and everyone needs to find themselves no matter who they are they need to be honest with themselves

Sincerely Vicky

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