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Victoria's Poetry


Victoria's Poetry

As long as we're on the topic of poetry... here is the only poem I have ever written.

The Same as Ever

I saw her again, in my dreams.
Nightmares, I guess. The same as ever.
but there she was, plain as day to me,
pounding, screaming, scratching at the door.
I want to help her but I can't. Or won't.
With torturous, mechanical movements, I weave
smoke and mirrors all about, the same as ever.

How am I they ask? I am fine.
I smile, make a bit of sound,
cover up her noise and frustration.
Her? Nobody asks about her.
She doesn't exist, I say, I am happy.
Don't worry about me. The same as ever.

Why don't I help her? Poor girl,
locked up tight not allowed a peep
not allowed to be seen
not allowed to feel.
The same as ever.

I pound on the door, screaming
and straining but noone can hear.
The man on the other side
makes more noise, louder than I,
holds the door still, at my request.
But I don't want to hide anymore.
I've had enough of him...
Eighteen years of isolation
at my request.

I saw him again, in my dreams.
Nightmares, I guess. The same as ever.
But there he was, plain as day to me,
I kick, scream, trapped in a small dark room.
I know he's nothing but that's all they can see.
Smoke and mirrors.
The same as ever.

- "Victoria

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