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Willow's Comments about Young Ts's in Asia


From: Willow
Subject: The Truth About Transition

Not a story, really, but a comment...

I am the moderator of AG Support and other TS groups. I noted your comment on Katoeys from Thailand in your material and hasten to add from my own experience. I was in Thailand for two years.

Most of the girl/boys in the Pattaya shows are from the Isan, a poor farming region in the North of Thailand (the average income is under $400 US annually). They are sold into prostitution at an early age, under ten. Normally the teachers serve as the connection between the family and the Bangkok brothels. The parents are paid with a motorcycle, a TV or some such item and both boys and girls are bought up.

In Bangkok the tourists, one third of who are there for the sex trade, do not care. Nor do they mind that the Isan kids are darker skinned than the "real" Thai. There is no real treatment for AIDS or other diseases and those that survive get to be in the shows at Pattaya. They generally travel in packs, using straight razors as protection. In Bangkok, they work in the sex Bars in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza and are often the most attractive of the girls dancing.

Thai surgery is available for $600 for SRS. That can be done at several universities, but it lowers the value of the person for the sex trade - she'males bringing in higher prices than just girls. That decision is often made by the "owner". the sad looks on stage are not fake; often the smiles are.

Being a Buddhist country, young boys are expected to become monks for a time. That makes merit for the mother. A girl cannot make merit in that manner. So many are cast out from the families or otherwise lost. In Bangkok, the gather together in packs for protection, often six or more to a room the size of a typical NA bathroom.

Yes, a few make the choice willingly. Thai males and females are not as divers in body structure as are we in North America, so they can be very convincing. They are not subject to the army draft. I would not guess on life expectancy, but it is very short.

Willow Arune

In many, if not most cases, the person has no choice. Once sold by the parents, the die is cast.

NOTE: The opinions above are those of the writer and are not directed at anyone nor aimed at convincing you of the right or wrong of anything. The writer is bias, opinionated and stubborn. This expression of the writer's opinion is admittedly possibly wrong or possibly right, or a combination of the two,. Unless clearly referenced, there is no scientific basis for anything stated herein. You may differ and convince me that I am wrong. Please feel free to do so . In the event some of the above is in response to an opinion expressed by you, if the writer differs from your opinion that is not an attack on you as a person nor does the writer claim that you are wrong. It is simply that the writer's opinion differs from yours and differences are neither good nor bad, merely different. That being said, nothing should be inferred as a personal attack unless such is clearly noted as such - and the writer assures you that if she intends to get personal, you will know it...


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